Robert Ghanem

Robert Ghanem was born on the 18th of June 1942 in Saghbine, West Bekaa .
He is the first son of Laurice Khoury and former general in chief of the Lebanese army, Iskandar Ghanem.
He completed his primary and secondary studies at Collge des Pres Jsuites in Beirut and Collge Notre Dame de Jamhour. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law in both Lebanese and French Law in 1965, and obtained a Master Degree in Law from University Saint Joseph - Faculty of Law and Political Science. He speaks, write and read Arabic, French and English fluently.
He speaks, write and read Arabic, French and English fluently.

Robert Ghanem started his public life in 1962 as the Secretary of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the Lebanese Parliament, while pursuing his university studies. After being elected in 1992 as an MP in Lebanese parliament representing the West Bekaa , he ran and was re-elected successively in 1996 and again in 2000 and 2005.
In 1995, as Minister of the Education, Youth and Sports, Robert Ghanem worked to improve the educational system in order to modernize it and to make it accessible for all. He also sponsored the new educational programs and contributed to the decision related to the Civic Education book. He always kept himself informed about the problems and expectations of the youth and of its role within the Nation. On many occasions, during conferences and round-tables held in different universities, he expressed such interest, he also submitted to the Parliament two draft laws concerning directly them, one related to the Military Service and the other to Culture of the Religious Believes and Faith.
Married to Viviane Haddad since January 23rd 1975, he has two sons, Alexandre, born on the 1st of November 1975 and Nadeem, on the 28th of August 1985. Name & Surname:
Date & Place of Birth:
Born on June 18, 1942 in Saghbine (West Bekaa),

Father Name, Surname & Profession:

Iskandar GHANEM, Former Commander of the Lebanese Army
Mother Name & Surname:
Laurice KHOURY
Marital Status:
Married to Viviane HADDAD in Beirut , on January 23, 1975
2 boys: Alexandre, born in Beirut on November 1st, 1975
Nadeem, born in Dallas-Texas on August 28, 1985.
Education & Qualifications:
- Collège des Pères Jésuites, Beirut
- Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour.
- Université Saint Joseph, Faculty of Law: Bachelor of Law, 1965 in French & Lebanese law.

- Bachelor of Law
- Master in Law
- Arabic
- French
- English

1- In Beirut :
- Internship at Fares Zoghbi’s firm law
- Attorney at Law (Ordre des Avocats de Beyrouth)
- Law Consultant
- Having his own study in Hamra- Beirut since 1968
In Paris – between 1977 & 1992
- In Paris , had participated between the years 1976-1977 in foundation of the Arabic Magasine “An-Nahar al-arabi wa al-dawli” (Arab and International).
2- In Paris () between 1977 et 1992:
- Legal Counselor for multinational corporations since 1977, he had institute a worldwide legal corporation & connections in , , , , and United Kingdom & Luxemburg.
- Attorney-Lawyer for some Arab businessman and Arab and international companies and Legal Consultant for their business in France, England, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, U.S.A. and some Arab countries especially in Syria, Arab Emirates and Kuwait.
- Member of the Board of many prominent international & national companies. Professional Experience:
- Legal experience in major fields of Commercial Law, National & International Corporations, Holdings & Offshore, International Tax Strategies, Private & Public Contracts, Entertainment Law Political Career: (1962 – 1964): Secretary of Lebanese Parliament Foreign Committee (1964 – 1965): Secretary of Lebanese Parliament (1966 – 1967)Law Counselor of the Lebanese Parliament (1970): Counselor of the Minister of Education (1975 – 1976): Counselor of the Minister of Labor & Social Affairs (since 1992): Member of the Lebanese Parliament (1992 –1995) & (2000- 2005): Reporter of the Educational & Cultural Committee (1992 – 1995) & (2000-2005): Member of the Parliament Committee of Justice & Administration (1996 – 2000): Member of the Parliamentary Committees of Information, Telecommunications, Economy, Trade, Industry & Oil (1992 – 1995): Member of the High Commission for trying Presidents & Ministers (1995 – November 1996): Minister of the Education, Youth & Sports
- (2005 since now): Chairman for the Administration and Justice Committee Official Missions: 1964 – 1967: Had participated to several interparliamentary conferences in Europe as the Secretary of the Lebanese Parliamentary Delegation Visits around the world as the Secretary of parliamentary delegation in , , Hong Kong, Tokyo, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York & Washington 1995 – 1996: Member of the Governmental Delegation visiting , , , As Minister of Education, Youth & Sports, had represented in Arab Ministers meeting held in Cairo (1995 – 1996) 1997 – 2007: Member of the Lebanese Parliament delegations representing Lebanon in the meetings of the Arab Parliamentary Union held in Yemen (1998), Egypt (1999), Abu Dhabi (2001)
- Official visit to : 2001 Official visit to : 2003 Official visit to Rome & Vatican: 2003 Member of the Transitional Arab Parliament and representing in its meetings since 2005 Official visit to : December 2006 in cooperation with the Senate and UNDP Official visit to : February 2007 in cooperation with the Senate and UNDP Official visit to : April 2007 in cooperation with the House Democracy Assistance Commission -2007: Had participated in conferences held in Jordan and Egypt with the collaboration of Friedrich Neumann association and the arab center for the development of rule of law about the liberty of meetings in the arab world and the national dialogue and the power of the civil society. 2008: February 3rd to 11th: Official visit to Italy in cooperation with the UNDP to discuss the “Building Capacities of Parliamentary Institutions and Promotion of Citizen Participation in the Arab Countries and Middle East. March 7 to 9: Official visit to Cairo representing Lebanon in the meetings of the Transitional Arab Parliament discussing the situation in whole arab world and especially in Lebanon and Palestine. September 15th to 21st: Official visit to Germany to discuss the electoral law. 2009: Visit to Germany held by the Aspen Institute to discuss the “The Taef Agreement after 20 years” <2011: January 18-19: Official Visit to Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates to participate of PUIC meetings 2014: January: Heading the Parliamentary delegation in the Official visit to the Koweit to participate of the Arab Parlementary Union meetings. p class="MsoBodyTextIndent2" style="MARGIN: 0in 5.8pt 0pt 94.5pt; TEXT-INDENT: -94.5pt; TEXT-ALIGN: left; mso-outline-level: 1" align="left">Friendship Parliamentary Commissions:


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Commission  between Lebanon and Egypt.


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Commission  between Lebanon and Chile.


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Commission  between Lebanon and Mexico.


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary    Commission  between Lebanon and Czech Republic.


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Commission  between Lebanon and Marroco.


Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Commission  between Lebanon and Latvia.


Member of the  Friendship Parliamentary Commission between Lebanon and France.


Member of the  Friendship Parliamentary Commission between Lebanon and Irak.


Chairman of the Paliamentary Commission dedicated to execute the Memorandum of understanding between the Lebanese Parliament and the Syrian Parliament..


Studies, Articles & Lectures:

Several lectures and conferences in educational, teaching, cultural fields as well as the task of the school in a changing world (since 1992) In 1996, he had participated & had sponsored the new educational scales of public schools (New Version) He had also participated on the decision concerning the scholar program’s book of Civic Education and National Citizenship (1996 Articles in different local newspapers as well as many talk shows about the UN role, Taef Constitution, Educational Programs, Maronite Role in the Middle East, the Richness of the Coexistence between all the national communities (Plurality & Differences), the Views of Culture in the world of Globalization and Technology. Hobbies: Reading Classical Music Sports: walking, tennis Office Address: Said Freiha Street, Camelia Center , Hazmieh Phone: 05-456352/3 Fax: 05-456365 Email: