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Conscious of the predominent role of Education in the construction of the Human Being and of the interest of the Citizen in this quintessential public service, Mrs. Viviane Ghanem created in 1994 the «Association for the Development of Education » along with professors and doctors from the Bekaa region, namely:
Dr. Mohamad Abou Ali
Dr. Bassam Abdel Majid
Pr. Jean Khoury
Pr. Adnan Mehanna
From the onset, the basic needs of all the region’s schools (and mainly the public ones) were identified : Books, Computers, Television sets, VCR´s, Photocopying machines, Educational games and all other basic tools lacking in these schools. Then, the purchasing of this equipment took place in large part with the help of the personal profits made from the selling of her book : « Lebanon and The Lebanese from the Independance to the War » but also with the precious help of Foreign Embassies in Lebanon and Non-Government Organisations specialized in Education.
To date, 120 schools in the Bekaa and more particularly in the West-Bekaa region have benefitted from the help of the Association in equipment in addition to the execution of other cultural and educational projects.
Mrs. Viviane Ghanem has created during that same year the « Association of the Harvests of Saghbin » whose main objective is to exhibit and sell food products exclusively from the region also known as « muneh » made by the women of the village and the nearby area. In addition, some local artifacts, artistic and vintage items are on sale.
The revenues of the yearly sale are meant to allow the exhibitors to help their husbands finance the schooling of their children.

|| سيدات المواسم فلشن الانتاج و الاقتصاد يبدأ من كل منزل